Thursday, November 20, 2008

Caleta Partida bound!

David was hurrying me along so we could get going to the islands. We left La Paz around 10am and midway through the channel we saw Sea Siren. They had run out of beer and had to do an emergency provisioning trip to the super mercado. That was a lesson we never had to be taught the hard way. Always, always bring enough beer and rum when going asea. We said our temporary goodbyes and were on our way.

It was a relatively uneventful day. David was on watch for whales and dolphins, but no dice today. All we saw were shifty winds and a sea lion. I did some laundry and read a book (yay zombie novels) while we made our way to our new, but very familiar, anchorage of Caleta Partida. We made it to Caleta Partida by 5pm which is important if we are trying to evade that dreaded scurvy. We only get one cocktail while out at sea, but we are allowed two if anchored for the night. We sipped our drinks and observed our surroundings. Here comes my tangent: Now this is my personal feelings on the subject, but I wouldn't recommend bringing a cat cruising let alone a dog. I swore off cat cruising last season, but the fuzzball is still alive, well and in our possesion so she is cruising again. I am in no rush to get rid of her or anything like that, but once she is departed I will not take a furry thing (aside from David) along on a journey ever again. I bring this up because a boat about our size has a Doberman Pincher aboard. That is no little weenie small dog. This is a serious dog. I see only two upsides: 1) If Single handing and really in need of companionship 2) Make boat looters think second about looting your particular boat. I mean really, when people board our boat the think, "aww look at the cute kitty," but if you were to hop on a boat and see a full sized Doberman staring you in the face I would guess your first reaction wouldn't be "aww cute puppy". I digress, what I am getting at is that is a large dog for a small boat. I get annoyed with the 9lb fuzzy we have and he's got a 90lb fuzz! Wow that kind of blew my mind. Yes, yes blah blah blah I ramble on.

We are anchored in 10 feet of clear blue green water and watching the sun disappear behind the rocks that used to be part of a volcano. The rocks still show the blackness from the molten lava. The sky turned lavender and tangerine while the sea was deep purple. A thing of beauty every single day.

No fancy fish dinner tonight, but still one of my ghetto specialties...hotdogs! Mmmm. It was quite pleasing to the palate. Now with happy bellies and clean dishes (thank you David) it is time for a lay down. There is something so cool about being in bed and seeing Orion and the Big Dipper. No city lights to hide the natural brightness of the stars and moon. No ambulances drone out the sound of crickets and owls. I say it often, but I mean it LIFE IS SWEET!

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