Thursday, November 20, 2008


We got up early (thank you cat) and observed our serene, picturesque surroundings. The water was so still, not even a ripple on the surface. I grabbed my camera and started trying to take pictures of the rays that chill on the sandy bottom. There is a very cool looking ray that I named Bullseye beacause as you can guess it has a large bullseye like mark on its top side. Yes there are more than one, but they are all Bullseye. Why do I name them you may ask. Its easier to ask, "See Bullseye?" then to ask, "Do you see the ray with that bullseye marking on it around?" That is my reason, that and I like to name things. It entertains me. Anyways, we found Bullseye and a few others and snapped off some pictures. While I was taking a picture of Bullseye I watched it shimmy for two seconds and a cloud of sand surrounded the area and when it settled Bullseye was gone. I know they bury themselves, but it was so quick and I couldn't even see the bullseye itself. Jeez, no wonder David stepped on one! Quick and effective cover in seconds.

It is a little before 10am and my love is making bread. Yessss! We already have a fan on since its in the mid-eighties already. Not a bad way to start the day. I think we may yak over to a part of shore and hike a hillside for a bit. I am on the prowl for birds, lizards and snakes or whatever else we can find. We need to make sure our legs don't atrophy this cruising season so a hike will do us good as long as its before the peak heat of the day. We'd better get moving! We did not go hiking...too hot. I hopped in a kayak and paddled over to the bird island to take another couple hundred photos of terns, seagulls, American oyster catchers, whimbrels and an egret. I was probably gone 45 minutes or so before paddling back home. Later on after the bread was made and half devoured we kayaked to the north part of the anchorage. It was great to see so much more bird life. We saw an osprey dive a few times before coming up successful with a fish in its talons. There were little sanderlings, godwits, great blue herons and a snowy egret all meandering on the packed tidal sands. We watched a few more boats anchor and we paddled back to our quiet little spot.

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