Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Enjoying the City of Peace

We got up early and listened to the "conspiracy net" (Obama was really born in Kenya, USA is at cyber war with China and someday there may be Ameruo as currency) before getting ready to go ashore for propane. It turned out we didn't need any propane, but we did still need to provision for our trip out to the islands. On our way back out to the dink with our groceries we ran into Jennifer and EriK from Ekotopia. We threw out our plans for dinner at Rancho Viejo and would be glad to have more company. It was agreed to go out after sundown for food, drinks and friends.

After some napping, relaxing, playing on the internet and cutting the blistered skin off David's heel we rallied and headed over to invite Patsy (Talion) to join up with us which she said she gladly would. We continued on our way in and knocked on the hull of the Jolly Roger and found out that Don was already at Rancho Viejo. We were on our way when we came across Jennifer and Erik in their car. We gladly hopped in and caught a ride to dinner. The four of us chatted and exchanged stories from traveling south to hacking through tough ribeye. Patsy and Don joined us soon after and the food got ordered. Eventually Patsy's new crew showed up and joined the growing party. It was a nice time to chat and eat in the warm night air. After dinner we decided to visit the polka dot tree which marks a favored cruisers ice cream parlor. While we were there there were a couple of young people were walking around with signs for "Abrazos Gratis" or "Free Hugs". We gladly took them up on the hugs and started our own free hugs within our little group. It was a great night with great people.

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