Thursday, November 20, 2008

Breakfast of Champions and Ensenada Grande

We decided to skip dinner last night in exchange for a "healthy" sized breakfast. David fried up some potatoes with cilantro and I made the eggs and toast. A good team breakfast. After much debating i.e. H:"Do you wanna hike or go whale watching?" D:"I dunno, whatever you wanna do." H:" I asked you first." D:"Uh, I dunno. What about you?" We decided on the least taxing after a big meal, whale watching. We reversed roles with David hoisting sails and me at the helm. We sailed off the anchor and out of the anchorage. We had a nice calm sail for a couple hours with no luck. Finally we did see some spouting, but they managed to disappear before we caught up to them. No problem. We continued on our sail to Los Islotes and then back towards Partida. David relieved auto pilot of the helm and took us into Ensenada Grande. The last time we were here it was absolutely breathtaking, but I was a little unsure this time. I mean the last time we were here we got mobbed by bees and I got stung by a jellyfish...not very inviting. This time was different. We were welcomed with big loving arms made from white sand beaches and clear water. We sailed onto a good spot and dropped the hook. Another free sail. I looked around and recognized a boat here as "Om Shanti" which is the boat of Shawn Breeding and Heather Bansmer who wrote the new and popular "Sea of Cortez A Cruiser's Guidebook". Which I thought was cool since we bought their book this year and have been using it all the time.

After all the tiding of the decks, sails and all that good stuff we got the kayaks in the water. Stocked with a couple beers, flip flops, water, sunscreen and a towel we hit the little rocky beach. We could have gone to the white sandy beaches, but we like shade and the little rocky beach had just that...SHADE! We had a lay down in the sand and David learned an important rule: Never siesta on the beach with your mouth open! Once we'd had enough shade we paddled around and some more. We did come home shortly after to escape the sun and heat. David, the genuis he is, decided to put up the sunshade. After all that work it gave us 0% shade. So David went ghetto and clipped a bunch of towels up, but it did the trick. It is in the mid eighties and should be cooling down soon, but right now things are as perfect as can be. I think I hear a pillow calling my name for an afternoon nap.

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